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philadelphia church



A 3D packaging project.

phila gunners fc


An app concept done as a one day exercise. Check out the InVision prototype. The app is meant to provide a way to store and track receipts digitally….

kinfolk app concept

*Not Commissioned or in association with Kinfolk Magazine Imagery and Video Content from Kinfolk*

hohm chair

A desk chair concept designed and constructed at a smaller scale. Currently working on some changes for a full size prototype. Modeled and Rendered in Rhino and Keyshot…

Reaching In The Dark

Handmade watercolor artwork and design for the local band, The Pact. Album Titled “Reaching In The Dark.” (Album Launched October, 2015)

dieter rams book

*text and images from “dieter rams: as little design as possible”

We Are Tastebuds site design with outsourced development

designer news app concept


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